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The nominees looked better this year than they had in eons. Take Marcia Gay Harden, winner for best supporting actress for “Pollock,” for instance. In her ruby strapless gown with a king’s ransom of Harry Winston diamonds and a manicured river of waved hair, she looked like a latter-day Ava Gardner.Michael Kors shoes macy’s Joan Allen must have noticed Charlize Theron’s tangerine Vera Wang from last year because she repeated the color in her sleeveless turtleneck sequined Michael Kors, a smashing choice.

Laura Linney, with her gilded blond hair swept up and back into an architectural do, wore cardinal red Valentino and lipstick to match. Julia Roberts was nothing short of spectacular in a vintage black velvet and white satin Valentino with her long, dark hair so piled and full that it rivaled Baby Jane Holzer’s for loft and volume. Michael Kors shoes macy’s Ellen Burstyn wore a custom-designed three-piece gown by Bay Area designer Catherine Bacon. It was creamy white and covered with esoteric symbols etched in sequins. Another local connection: Hong Kong-born Coco Lee, who was raised in San Francisco, performed “A Love Before Time” from “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” wearing a Lifesaver- striped Chanel.

The gorgeous girls — Halle Berry,Michael Kors shoes macy’s Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd, Hilary Swank and Renee Zellweger — were flawless in Armani, Ralph Lauren and Versace. Berry loves her lilac, and this year’s gown was one of the lowest-cut extant (although nothing defeated Julian Schnabel’s wife for having the most fallout in her off-the-charts Versace).Zellweger, cute as a bug, has graduated to glamour puss in a sweep of chrome-yellow chiffon and a Veronica Lake fall of blond hair. Swank showed a lot of cleavage and a lot of class in a golden bronze sequined Versace. Jolie, meanwhile, looked almost healthy in a snow-white Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo.