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Perhaps the most affordable high-climber in recent years has been the 1970s black leather and velvet Emilio Pucci handbag – up from £130 to £360 in a decade. The most valuable handbag included in the Picollecta Rare Handbag Index is £6,500 for a 1990s Hermes Cognac bag.Adrian Roose,Michael Kors ring a spokesman for Paul Fraser Collectibles, says: ‘Top fashion houses produce only a limited number of bags each year.Demand far outstrips supply, so prices rise. Never underestimate the fanaticism of collectors. Rare handbags are an important status symbol – a statement of style and sophistication.’When it comes to the true extent of women’s obsession with their handbags, it seems the cat’s well and truly out of the bag.

One in ten admits to owning 15 or more, claims a survey, while nearly half have a collection of at least seven.Forty-four per cent of women said they mainly bought handbags for ‘special occasions’, but just over a quarter – 27 per cent – admitted they were more likely to be an impulse buy.Just under a fifth of women said they bought handbags to keep up to date with the latest fashion season, while 11 per cent said adding to their collection made them feel good.Michael Kors ring But despite the average woman owning several handbags, almost half admitted sticking to a single favourite most of the time.The survey also found it is not only women who are guilty of hoarding accessories – with men now owning an average of three ‘man bags’.

Just under a fifth of women said that they bought handbags for a new fashion season, citing Victoria Beckham as their favourite celebrity designer, while 11 per cent said it was for the feel good factor.
Despite the range of bags available as most women open their wardrobes,Michael Kors ring almost half admitted sticking to their favourite bag and use only one in a week.Yet it is not only women who are guilty of amassing a collection of accessories, with the survey revealing that many men now own multiple ‘manbags.’Asked about the main motivations for purchasing a bag, the 2,000 people taking part in the survey said storage and size were the main factors.