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In 1994, Vanity Fair named the then year-old Surface one of 10 “upstart” magazines to watch.Michael Kors electronic watch Ten years later, the magazine is one of only two from the list still in business. (The other is ultra-exclusive, tri-annual art magazine Visionaire, which sells its limited editions for $175.) Klein sees his magazine’s endurance as testament to the country’s growing obsession with design.”In the past 10 years America has embraced design and created celebrities within the world of design,” Klein says, citingKarim Rashid of New York and Yves Behar of San Francisco as examples of designers who have attained celebrity status.

While Rashid, ubiquitous in design circles, is still probably not a household name, Americans are snatching up Michael Graves’ teakettles at Target, turning thousand-dollar ergonomic Aeron office chairs into fetish items and checking into boutique hotels where even the toothbrush holders exude design consciousness.Michael Kors electronic watch Accordingly, the magazine’s been doing a lot of what the marketing people like to call brand extension, lending Surface’s name to non-ink ventures that encourage readers to think of Surface as a lifestyle, not just a magazine.

Klein’s partner, publisher and editorial director Riley Johndonnell, says that Surface’s mandate for the next decade is to “move from the two dimensions of the magazine to the three dimensions of the real world.” To this end, the Surface “brand” sponsors parties, helped design a hotel and mounts a competition for fashion photographers.Michael Kors electronic watch The most established of these ventures, the Avant Guardian Awards, has, according to Klein, “become a brand unto itself” to the point that some people know Surface for the awards and not the magazine.