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It was a wild All Hallows Eve in San Francisco, a town that takes Halloween very seriously,a fake Michael Kors watch as hordes of ghosts and goblins and scaries of every kind partied through the night.From the Tenderloin to the Castro and everywhere else, the streets were alive with costumed folks performing tricks and demanding treats.”It’s a lot of fun,” said Violet Bramble, a self-proclaimed psychic decked out in a homemade mermaid’s outfit that made walking difficult. “I’m going to walk around looking glamorous for an hour or two.”The day’s festive nature stood in stark contrast to last year, when fears over anthrax and the specter of terrorism cast a pall over the day.

Such fears were nowhere to be found in the Castro, where as many as 100,000 people stood shoulder to costumed shoulder for the most flamboyant bash in all the city. Though rowdy, the crowd was largely well-behaved, police said.A couple of Teletubbies showed up, as did Dorothy all the way from Kansas.a fake Michael Kors watch Five chickens couldn’t decide whether to cross the street. Green and red M&Ms wandered the streets, demanding fair trade certification. Someone dressed up as Winona Ryder, toting a Saks Fifth Avenue bag stuffed with clothes bearing security tags. There were drag queens galore and lots of men in, and out of, uniforms of every description.

There were several nuns, at least one pope and even Mother Teresa.a fake Michael Kors watch Nearby, someone draped a priest’s frock over a parking meter, and there was a guy dressed as the mathematical symbol for pi.Nlbue Eumemura, dressed as a moving man, lugged a sofa into the Castro and dropped it in front of Osaka Sushi. He and several buddies were awaiting the arrival of several footstools, an ottoman and a lamp to complete their living room ensemble.